The Four Basic Hypnobirthing Techniques

Hypnobirthing is becoming more widely recognised but people continue to ask what is the basis of the technique. According to to Mongan Method, the four basic hypnobirthing techniques are:

  • Breathing
  • Visualisation
  • Relaxation
  • Deepening

Now we know that there are lots of book and CD’s out there and reading them once or twice will give you an idea but it won’t give you the conditioning you need because conditioning needs the dedication of both your mind and body.

An athelete would never compete without ensuring that their body was conditioned, why should birthing be any different?

We found that it was the Relaxation and Breathing techniques that were key to our amazing birth and would love to share this quote with you:

Muscles send messages to each other. Clenched fists, a tight mouth, a furrowed brow, all send signals to the birth passage muscles, the very ones that need to be loosened. Opening up to relax these upper body parts relaxes the lower ones“. William Sears & Martha Sears.