A Royal Hypnobirthing baby? Advice to avoid

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are getting ready for the imminent arrival of their first child, we were delighted to hear it reported that Kate has been using hypno birthing techniques to prepare herself for the birth. We are obviously huge advocates for the hypno birthing principles of a relaxed and natural birth and we would advise anyone to try the techniques but what about the unwanted advice that expectant parents get?

Some of my favourites have to be:

“I read this on the internet …..”  We all read things on the internet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for you and your baby. It is not called “Dr Google”

“I think baby is hungry” Apparently some well meaning friends also have psychic abilities too. You know your baby best, just find your own natural rhythm.

We asked a collection of mums what they considered the baby advice to avoid?

Rebecca told us that one of the worse pieces of advice she was given was:

Having twins is easy because they entertain each other. Yeah they do – by encouraging each other to do as many naughty things as they can in a minute” and secondly “Sleep when they sleep – good advice when you have one – completely useless when you have more”

Alice said a collection of things, some we possibly couldn’t share but her top three were:

” You need to stock up on your sleep now whilst you can’… NO actually that is rubbish. Sleeping whist heavily pregnant is near on impossible

Are you ready?… Who is ever really ready for a baby???

Ignore the mums at playgroup,who say you must breastfeed and those that consider breastfeeding your baby is the only option, ever. Formula is there for a reason don’t feel guilty if it is your only option, as long as your baby is fed and happy

Touching on the sensitive subject of post natal depresion, Cas says:

“Happy mums make happy babies.” Oh right,  I’ll tell the PND that”

Andrea voiced the irritation of :

Any advice from strangers who approach you in the street/shops etc and touch your bump!”

And finally, Helen and Emma share advice that all second time mothers will smile at:

“Oh don’t worry, its so much easier going from one to two than none to one” …how do you entertain a 19 month old while trying to breastfeed a 2 week old!? Spare pair of arms anyone?!?

“Sleep when they are sleeping” This is ok advice with the first but what if you have school runs, cubs, dances classes. In those cases its more of a drink and eat when you can – forget sleep!

The comments here are all a little tongue in cheek but also things that have been genuinely said to expectant mothers. So with the arrival of the royal baby, we are quite sure that Kate and William will be given an abundance of love, gifts and countless advice from well wishers but ultimately it is their baby and they should find the natural way for them and their baby.

Finally, we were shown this infographic this week from Care.com and whilst their findings were a little different to ours, we thought it was perfect light hearted way to end this post. Enjoy ……