Hypnobirth – May 10

Kellie’s story…..

After having a first birth that was very long, hard and ended up in an epidural and an assisted delivery, when I fell pregnant again, I was really anxious about the birthing. I didn’t understand what had gone wrong for me and really wanted to have a better birth. After a friend told me about HypnoBirthing ™, myself and my husband did the course and I committed myself to it wholeheartedly, working hard to get the birth I really wanted.

To this day, I still can not believe how amazing giving birth should actually be. I ate, I slept, I walked, I was calm and in control and never felt anything more than a bad menstrual cramp.When Olivia was born, I was elated and really felt like I wanted to do it all again. And compared to our first baby, who cried and cried when she was born after being through a tough ordeal trying to arrive in the world, Olivia was so chilled out!

I feel so strongly that all women should experience this calm and more comfortable way of birthing, that I trained to be a HypnoBirthing ™ Practitioner with the HypnoBirthing ™ Institute and I feel really honoured to be able to share the specific yet simple techniques with expectant parents, so that they too can experience a better birth.

Kellie lives in Cheshire with her husband and 2 gorgeous daughters. She is a HypnoBirthing ™ Mum, a qualified trainer and Reflexologist. You can find out more at www.betterbirthhypnobirthing.co.uk 

livvy May 2010