Bump Envy : Empty Womb Syndrome

I was destined to be pregnant. I was designed to give birth. I have eternal bump envy but lately I have been conscious of my age and my empty womb. I was never going to be a scientist or a world leader but I can give birth. My body knows how to birth by instinct.

There is power that comes to women when they give birth. You don’t ask for it, it simply invades you and makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

I miss being pregnant.

I miss loving my changing pregnant body.

I find myself rubbing my stomach and then remember that there is no baby there.

I miss the flutters of feeling the baby move inside.

I miss the excitement and anticipation of the arrival of the baby.

But I have two gorgeous healthy girls, isn’t that enough? I know that if I never have any more children, they will absolutely be enough. I am getting older now and fear I may be closing the chapter on the pregnancy and birth part of my life. I know nature might have other ideas but I am creeping closer to 40 and I am acutely aware just how fast my life has gone by.

Am I being selfish? I know that I am so lucky, so unbelievably lucky to have given birth to two beautiful daughters. I gave birth on my sofa, using hypnobirthing and I feel sad that I may never experience that again.

I need to sit back and enjoy the current chapter of my life, I need to look at pregnant women with admiration, rather than envy. I need to change my mindset, the same way you do through hypnobirthing. I can do this. I can, I am sure of it.

I just don’t know what to do about the ache of never giving birth again. I am not sure I can change that mindset just yet …..

Thinking Positive : Thinking Slimmer

Thinking about getting slimmer is not the top priority when you are pregnant or indeed straight after giving birth but I love that the hypnotherapy principals of hypno birthing are used by Thinking Slimmer.

Thinking Slimmer is an official national partner of the Department of Health’s Change4Life campaign and is the brainchild of Harley Street weight loss specialist Sandra Roycroft-Davis and features the voice and expertise of Trevor Silvester, the founder of cognitive hypnotherapy and one of the world’s leading authorities in the science of unconscious persuasion

I am a huge believer in positive mental attitude, having birthed my first daughter with only using gas and air and then my second daughter on the sofa with only my other half acting as midwife. So I believe in the power of the mind, whether this applies to birth, eating or indeed anything.

Thinking Slimmer has “slimpods” that are not only for weight loss but the “Chill Pod” is a particular favourite, given that it uses a lot of the same basic principals of hypnobirthing and relaxation.

If the miracle of birth doesn’t bring back your confidence, then maybe listening to a Chillpod or Banish those baby blues may help to make you feel more positive about yourself.

Giving birth can have a profound affect on a woman, I remember feeling totally empowered and was ready to take on the entire world but if you don’t get the birth you wanted, this shouldn’t affect how amazing you feel at bringing a beautiful baby into the world.