The best gifts for new mummies

With Christmas just around the corner, we hardly need an excuse to buy the pregnant lady in our lives a gift. Whether she’s your wife, sister or friend, first time motherhood can be frightening for any woman, but you can make the process easier by giving her support in many forms – including gifts. To make the lady in your life smile this Christmas, consider one of these fabulous tokens to make both pregnancy and motherhood easier.


A baby monitor

Any first time mother is going to be neurotic at the best of times, so put her worries at ease with the latest in baby monitors. Gone are the days where we would pick up on everything from the radio to mobile phone signals on our baby monitors. Instead, we now have video baby monitors, so mummy can keep an eye and ear on her baby day and night.

A new bed

It’s one thing to think of keeping the little bundle of joy safe and warm, but it’s another to make sure mummy is comfortable throughout pregnancy – with this in mind you can make sure she sleeps comfortably, particularly in the third trimester. There are a great number of beds which can be found online that help to mould to a woman’s ever changing body – perfect for back aches, restless nights and more.

A digital photo frame

Gone are the days in which parents would spend hours cutting and sticking to put their photo albums together. While there’s nothing quite like a hard copy of a photograph, the advent of modern technology has given us the digital photo frame. New mummies can take as many digital images of their little one as they like, which they can then chronicle on a digital photo frame.

A nursing bra

New mothers will soon come to realise that breastfeeding is a constant need which can come at any time, so it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities. In light of this, a nursing bra will be just what they need – the panels can be easily lifted open so mummy can tend to her baby’s needs whether she’s at home or out and about.

A swaddle wrap

Every new mum wants her baby to be as snug as possible, and with the swaddle wrap, she can make sure that baby is warm and unable to wriggle too far in his or her cot. Perfect for winter naps, mummy will appreciate the opportunity to keep her little one warm.