Will your relationship change after having children?

We talk a lot about pregnancy and birth but what about the bit afterwards? How does your relationship change after having children?

It is wildly recognised that new parents have less quality time together after having children because lets be honest, you have a whole other person to consider but it is interesting to learn that new parents say ‘I love you’ less often than before they had children – but still manage to maintain their sex lives, a study has found. (There will be expectant dads across the country collectively sighing with relief right now)

Despite the effects it may have had on their relationship, 85 per cent of parents generally feel more satisfied and happier since having children. (Again expectant mums and dads wiping their brow with relieved smiles)

Liz Fraser, Modern Family Expert for Care.com, said: “Everyone knows having children is life-changing (possibly a slight understatement) but regardless of the changes most parents would say having their children was the best moment of their lives, and that they couldn’t imagine living without them now they are here.

“Taking some time with your partner is important though, to ensure you keep the closeness of your relationship and retain that feel good factor that comes from being intimate. “Even small things like a meal out or an afternoon spent alone together really do help make a difference in the long run.”

The poll of 2,000 Brits in relationships, including 1,000 parents of children under seven, found quality time with your partner is among the hardest hit, dropping by more than half after children come along from almost 14 hours a week to just six.

But quality time isn’t always about one to one with your partner and a staggering 91 per cent of parents admit they now consider quality time to be as a family rather than alone with their partner. UK families are now spending MORE quality time together than ever before, despite juggling two or more jobs and having to take the children here there and everywhere, most families manage to enjoy two hours and 23 minutes of each other’s company every day before the little ones go to bed.

In the end, all relationships change over the years and I don’t think it matters what you think is quality time whether it be sexy time with your partner or enjoying something collectively as a family, as long as it is right for you, your partner and your family unit.

How about you?

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