Fantastic Tech Items Every New Parent Will Love

Once you have gone through your amazing birth, there are a wealth of new gadgets and gizmos that will try and entice you to create an “easier” life for you and your new baby. Tech gadgets for parenting have reached incredible new heights this year. A decade ago the most high tech piece of kit a new parent could hope for was a cordless baby monitor but now there is a wealth of options on the market to address every parenting need.

Fantastic Tech Items Every New Parent Will Love

On-Demand TV

If you only buy one extra gadget to help you get to grips with being a new parent, make it a form of on-demand TV. Now you’re a parent your time is no longer your own, but on- demand TV will ensure you don’t miss your favourite shows (even if you are watching them during a 2am feed!) Just make sure that you get the best deal with a site such as Broadbandchoices who make finding the right package easy for you by simply inputting your postcode and it then informs you of the best deals on offer. This is a super handy tool for exhausted new parents as it does everything for you!


When you have children, one of the first indicators of illness is a rise in temperature, but trying to get an clear reading from an upset baby is anything but easy. Thankfully there are a number of excellent gadgets to help parents, like those that include a soother style thermometer, a standard body thermometer, and bath thermometer. Soother thermometers are available individually from pharmacies for around £5.

Baby Monitors

The award winning Owlet baby monitor blends the ease of a smartphone app with clever monitoring technology to give you an accurate update on your baby. it works via a monitor attached to a soft bootie, sending information via Bluetooth and WiFi and alerting parents immediately should their baby’s pulse change dramatically, or they stop breathing. The Motorola MBP36S retails for around £95, and consists of a very sensitive microphone and infrared camera that lets you zoom in to watch your sleeping child via a 2.4inch colour screen.

Educational Gadgets

Children learn more in their first 30 months than at any other stage of their lives. The Starling is a plastic clip which records the number of words a baby hears every day and reports back to parents via a smartphone app. At around £175 it isn’t cheap, but is great for parents to want to ensure their child has the best educational start in life.

Smartphone Apps

Baby Connect is an easy-to-use app which lets parents record and track all sorts of information about their baby, from how often the feed and how much milk they drink, to how long they sleep for, and even the number of nappy changes they need. It is ideal for quickly sharing information between parents and carers.

Baby Monitor 3G turns your phone, tablet, or laptop into a baby monitor, making it perfect for holidays, or when your baby sleeps over with grandparents who may not have a monitor of their own. White Noise (£1.49) will help your baby sleep soundly with a variety of calming sounds like waves crashing on the shore, or the pitter-patter of rain.

Protect Your Pushchair

It’s likely you have invested a lot of money in your travel system, so protect it with a lock like the Buggyguard. For £14.99 this retractable pram lock will give you peace of mind to turn your back on your buggy to do something like push your child on the swing, without your pram going missing.

There are lots of things that you don’t need for your baby but in our tech savvy world, some of the things above might just give you a little more peace of mind (and some great TV shows to catch up on)

9 thoughts on “Fantastic Tech Items Every New Parent Will Love

  1. Yes!!! The Owlet is amazing, I can totally get with that! We have been so happy with ours, it was the best baby investment besides pacifiers, I actually get to sleep when baby sleeps!!! Can’t put a price on sleep!

  2. The only tech I needed was a baby monitor and iPhone so I could tweet while I was breastfeeding lol I so wish I could go back and have another baby x

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