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When you are planning for a baby, there are those that are fortunate enough to become pregnant straight away whereas there are other women who find that it is not as “easy” as they first thought. We can all marvel at the miracle of conception (and enjoy the elements of getting to that point) but for some families, monitoring your fertility and ovulation becomes part of the process.

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Why being pregnant in Autumn is pretty awesome

Here at the Rose Diaries we love pregnancy; no matter the season. But for those ladies that are going to be pregnant during the Autumn, we have put together some of the best reasons to be pregnant from September to November.

It’s cooler

Being pregnant in the summer may mean that you get to wear maxi dresses, but it does also mean that you have to suffer through the heat. No number of fans, air conditioning or loose clothing can help when the temperature rises. But fear not pregnant ladies; the Autumn is on its way.

Autumn is cooler, fact. The days are not quite so unbearable and with the temperature drop in the evenings, you can actually try to get some sleep rather than spending the night tossing and turning in the heat.


We love Halloween and when you are pregnant, this particular event means that you can dig out those face paints and transform your bump into a pumpkin. We know it might not be original; but my gosh is it fun!

Stretchy jumpers

Buying maternity wear can be a pain; but with the Autumn comes the dawn of the jumper. For pregnant ladies, often their usual jumpers are stretchy enough to accommodate their growing bump; ideal for those who want to save some money.

The end of the summer holidays

Do you have already have children? If you do, then there is a good chance that the lengthy summer holidays will have taken their toll on you. Well, Autumn means that the kids head back to school, giving you a spot of time to yourself, or if you are still working, the chance to enjoy some adult time!


You can get outside again

As we have already pointed out, the summer heat may deter you from getting out there and walking around. Exercise is important for pregnant ladies, so Autumn means that you can dig out your boots and take a walk through a forest, all without having to cope with the unavoidable sweats.

It is nearly Christmas

Okay, so we might be getting ahead of ourselves with this one. But the arrival of Autumn means that it is almost acceptable to start thinking about Christmas. If you are due in the winter then it also means that your new arrival is imminent; and what could be more exciting than that?

Pregnancy is amazing, wonderful and magical; but it also can be hard work. So, we hope that our great reasons to be pregnant during Autumn has helped. Remember, on those days when you feel a little down, that you are growing a miracle within you and that is something that should always keep you smiling, no matter the season.


Why Pregnancy Incontinence is No Laughing Matter

The Rose Diaries are always about sharing positive experiences but while Mums may laugh about the effects of pregnancy on their bodies but the reality of having a weak pelvic floor is no joke. Some women sail through pregnancy without a hint of incontinence, while others spend nine months crossing their fingers that simple activities like laughing or sneezing don’t cause them to leak.

Why pregnancy incontinence is no laughing matter (1)

What is the Pelvic Floor, and how does it Weaken?

Your pelvic floor is made of muscles stretching from your pubic bone to your tailbone.  It supports your bladder, bowel, uterus, and vagina, keeping them where they are supposed to be, cradling them like a hammock.

You are at risk of suffering from a weakened pelvic floor if you have had:

  • a baby weighing 9lbs or above;
  • multiple births;
  • lengthy second stage (pushing) of labour of more than an hour;
  • perineal tearing during labour;
  • an assisted birth (ventouse or forceps);
  • Pregnant women over the age of 35, and very overweight women, are also at a higher risk, as are those for whom incontinence runs in the family.

Why is it Bad?

Apart from causing lack of bladder and bowel control leading to uncomfortable and embarrassing moments, weakened pelvic floors are a contributing factor in vaginal prolapse – a condition where the organs in the pelvis slip out of place and push against the exterior walls of the vagina, causing these vaginal walls to collapse and, in some cases, protrude out of the vaginal entrance.

Weakened pelvic floor muscles can also cause decreased sexual sensitivity and pleasure and orgasms so when you do eventually find the time and energy to have sex, you may find that you enjoy it less than you should be, which is never ideal!

How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor    

We always talk about the positive effects of pregnancy and birth so the good news is that there are easy, fun exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Next time you go to the toilet stop your urine mid flow. The muscles you use to do this are your pubococcygeus muscles and squeezing them like this 10-15 times, holding each time for a count of five, is a very effective way to help prevent pregnancy related incontinence. Another way to do this is to use a Kegel exerciser to help you focus on the right muscles.

It might be surprising to learn that Pelvic Floor Exercising products are becoming increasing popular due to technological advances and a social acceptance/un-tabooing of woman hood. If you are thinking about buying a Pelvic Floor Exerciser, it is important to do your research as there are a lot on the market and you need to find a product that suits you. There is a huge amount of information on the internet to confuse and baffle you so it is worthwhile speaking to a company such as White Pharmacy. Rather than just trying to sell you something, they care about you and your health and what to help you choose the right solution for you.

White Pharmacy are now running a competition to win an Elvie. The retail price is £149, so it’s a great competition. Details of how to enter are here.

Jumping on a trampoline has never quite been the same after my children (!!) so it is a good idea to start taking your pelvic floor exercises more seriously to minimise the risk of any related issues. In fact, it is something you will benefit from for the rest of your life as these muscles naturally weaken as we age.