5 things to celebrate after giving birth

We obviously talk a lot about pregnancy and some people simply bloom and fill the room with the radiating glow that flows from their face. On the other hand, there are unfortunately some people who detest it, carrying around an appendix of ailments for nine months than causes nothing but stresses and strife. But, no matter your stance on the scenario, after giving birth many women are at a loss without their bump.

Even though your pre-natal journey has come to a close, a huge adventure awaits, and there’s so, so much to celebrate after giving birth.

RD - 5 things to celebrate after giving birth

1. Freedom with foods

Who knew pregnancy could deny you of so many delicious treats! Well after nine months of depravity, get ready to feast your favourites. Gooey baked camembert, muscles in white wine, a little pâté when you’re peckish… it’s all back on the menu. What’s more, concluding nine months of solid sobriety, you can celebrate with a glass of something sparkling.

2. Slipping back into the stilettoes

Let’s not stress about post-partum figures, losing the “baby weight”, or starting up a strict fitness regime. New mums should feel able to enjoy time with their newborn, minus the pressure of snapping back into size 12s within a week. That being said, now bump free and approximately four ankle sizes smaller, you’re ready to head out in heels, without the worry of any serious stumbles

3. Post-pregnancy pampering

While most beauty products are perfectly safe, some do contain nasties such as phthalates, retinol and accutane, which should be avoided during pregnancy. Some expectant mums also delay the hair dying process until the second trimester, too. While plenty of salons and spas offer packages for mums-to-be nowadays, post-pregnancy pampering means you can indulge without the worry of dangerous chemicals or any adverse effects from herbal treatments. So when you feel up to it, treat your self to some gorgeous new cotton pyjamas, rather than the typically unflattering maternity ones and check yourself into a spa for the weekend.

Cotton Pyjamas

4. Cutting free from the cotton wool

As soon as you read the positive result, it can feel as though you’re being wrapped up in cotton wool by friends, family, and medical professionals. Being rigidly restricted for almost a year takes its toll, even when people have your best interests at heart. Huzzah! Bump away! You can build bookcases, lift ten-tonne weight shopping bags… go rock climbing or deep sea diving if you want to! Finally.

5. Your breath-taking bundle of joy

Let’s not forget the most precious part of post-partum, your beautiful baby. You’ve waited so long to meet them, to hold them close, to watch them grow, and you can now experience every inch of it with a love beyond anything you ever knew existed. No matter how your family unit is structured, no matter who else it involves, at the core, you have you and your child. There’s nothing in the world quite so special.

Tickling Babies Feet

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