5 ways to keep cool when you are pregnant

Did you know that pregnancy increases your blood flow, causing body temperatures to rise almost an additional degree above the normal 37 degrees C? While this can be handy on a frosty morning in the middle of February, when we shift into spring and summer things get can get awfully uncomfortable.


Iced cocktails are definitely off the agenda during pregnancy! That being said, there are some natural ways to keep cool when you are carrying through the warmer months.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Exercise, household chores, or any physical activity for that matter, will only work to further increase circulation, causing temperatures to soar. Remember to relax. Ask yourself whether that task is really so essential. Can it wait until the real Great British Summer really begins, and the skies start to fall once more?

  1. Make wise food choices

There are so many pregnancy-friendly fruits out there to keep you cool during heatwave season. Nectarines, watermelon, star fruit, mango… lower your temperature by eating some exotic sweet treats. As well as tasting super scrummy, these fruits contain significant amounts of water that works to thin the blood, releasing heat.

  1. Stay hydrated

A raised temperature can quickly leave you dehydrated. By keeping fluid levels topped up, you can tackle any adverse effects of overheating. Drinking more water during pregnancy dilutes toxins in the body, and promotes healthy body functions. This is especially important during the third trimester, when dehydration can cause myriad prenatal problems, from infection to preterm contractions.

  1. Ditch the duvet

Is there anything worse than tossing and turning the night through due to overheating? Dump that duvet, and opt for a light blanket, as they do in tropical climes. The same thing goes during the day too. In warmer weather, choose to wear light, breathable cotton clothes rather than manmade materials, such as polyester.

  1. Maybe try mint?

Just, sadly not in a mojito! Menthol, a chemical component in mint, tricks the brain into believing that it is cold to the touch. As such, whether you consume mint or apply it to the body, you are likely to feel some relief from the heat. A luxurious menthol foot cream is perfect during pregnancy, as it can tackle the hassle of swollen ankles too! Alternatively, pop a few fresh mint leaves into your water, with ice.

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