Baby Meets World: Ideas For Baby’s First Family Outing

As much as you want to keep your new bundle of joy all to yourselves for a while, you also want to start making fun memories with them as soon as possible. The idea of going out with a baby might be daunting at first, especially if it’s your first, but seeing them interact with the world will make it worth the effort. Here are a few suggestions to get your little one exploring this summer.

Children Photographer Summer Park Kid Baby Kids

Children Photographer Summer Park Kid Baby Kids

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Meet your neighbours

If you’re particularly nervous about going somewhere with the baby, then you can start off small by taking them around the neighbourhood in the pram. During the summer, plan these little walks for early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not at its highest. You could even take the gentle exercise up a notch and start jogging when you get the all-clear from your doctor.


Kids of all ages love visiting the zoo, but babies will especially enjoy seeing new animals, and perhaps inspecting other people going about their day. Children under three go in for free, so there’s really no reason not to witness their awe and delight at the exotic animals. If you’re worried about overwhelming them, or about spending most of the day out in the sun, then why not take them to the aquarium, or to your local petstore for a few hours. Some quality time spent petting a docile rabbit will engage your baby’s senses and makes for an adorable photo opportunity.

Fun for the whole family

If you have an older child who wants to have a more active day out, it can be difficult to find something that is suitable for your newborn that won’t bore your older child. Fortunately, there are a variety of Fun Family Activities that can cater for everyone; some trampoline parks host Toddler Parties for children under the age of three, as long as they can hold their own head up. Your older children and one parent can enjoy the rest of the park, while the other parent gets the baby exercised on some age-appropriate trampolines. When you all have lunch together afterwards, you’re showing your oldest that there is nothing too different about the new family dynamic.


With the summer sun growing in intensity, the best place for everyone to be is cooling off at the public pool. Nothing is as enjoyable as watching the baby splash about in the water and getting excited by the infectious laughter of other happy children. You could also take the chance to find out if there are any swimming lessons available for your baby’s age group – it’s never to early to start learning such an important skill.

Library Story Time

Many public libraries have a special mother and baby story time session in the early morning. This is your chance to introduce your children to the wonders of the literary world, and to some classic nursery rhymes. The best part is that they’re absolutely free.

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