Getting Your Home Ready for Baby

Expectant mothers in the final trimester of their pregnancy are afflicted by all kinds of things, not least of all nerves! You may have already discovered just how tough it can be to choose between different onesies or the right kind of nappies, but unfortunately, there’s still a lot more work to be done! Here are a few important things you need to do to get your home ready for a baby.


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Your Bedroom

You’ve probably already discovered that a baby’s nursery isn’t much work. A safe place for your new arrival to sleep like these Cuckoolands cots, along with couple of soft toys, and a place to change their diapers is all you really need. However, you need to prepare your own bedroom for your new job as a mum as well. You’re not going to be getting much sleep with a baby to take care of, so make sure your room feels like the tranquil, relaxing sanctuary it should be. Go through all your drawers, and make sure they’re well-supplied with postnatal clothes; everything from nursing bras to loose, comfortable clothing.

The Kitchen

It’s hard to pinpoint why, but as soon as you have a baby, shopping for groceries and everything else becomes extremely tricky. It’s almost definitely tied in with the aforementioned lack of sleep! To get around this issue, make a point to stock your cupboards and fridge up with all the basics, especially those household essentials like paper towels and toilet paper. It’s also a smart move to fill all the available space with non-perishable food. By filling the kitchen with supplies like you’re about to get snowed in, you’ll be able to take more time to relax, and help your bundle of joy settle into their surroundings.

Smooth Down the Edges

Babies are delicate little things, and obviously, you’re going to want to make your home as safe as possible. When it was just you and your partner living in the house, you may have pumped a lot of time and money into the interior décor, and filled it with sophisticated, minimalist glass and metal. Your home might look incredible, but unfortunately, glass and metal aren’t exactly baby-friendly! Go through the whole house, neutralising anything with sharp edges, along with anything that’s breakable. If you simply can’t bear to throw something out, put it somewhere far out of reach for a baby, or cover the corners and edges with bubble wrap.

Be There for them, Even When You’re Not!

Unless you live in a studio apartment, you’re not going to be able to be in the same room as your baby all the time. Obviously though, if anything’s making them cry, you’re going to want to know straight away. Investing in a baby monitor can be a big help, as you’ll be able to get on with the housework, and rush to the rescue if anything’s upsetting your child. You can even see them from your phone or tablet, with products like this video monitor from D-Link. However you want to do it, having some kind of baby surveillance in place is a must!

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