Win a bundle of Jojoba Company products worth £90

As women, our bodies inevitably change in pregnancy and whether through pregnancy or not, every women will experience scars or stretch marks at some point in their life. These can cause discomfort and insecurity, whether it be acne scarring or stretch marks from pregnancy but stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of.

Beautiful pregnant woman with smile drawn by creme for stretch marks on tummy

You call them stretch marks, I call them Tiger Stripes

We might have earned our tiger striped but I couldn’t quell my excitement when I came across a new deeply moisturising skin care oil, made with 100% organically grown Australian jojoba. The beautiful 100% natural jojoba + rosehip oil by The Jojoba Company (£16.95, 30ml) is a superfood for your skin. This all natural formula combines a powerful mix of naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins and omega fatty acids to deeply moisturise skin and smooth the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Benefits include

  • Deep moisturisation
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Penetrates deeper than just rosehip oil
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Longer shelf life than rosehip oil


The Jojoba Company have a range of products including the luxurious Intense Overnight Renewal Cream, which is Jojoba’s newest overnight skincare treatment that’s just arrived in the UK. This cream is designed to work its magic while you sleep and is enriched with concentrated, powerful natural actives renowned for their beauty benefits.  (Something that works while we sleep … I love the sound of that). I have personally been using it for a week now and honestly can’t believe how hydrated my skin feels when I wake in the mornings.

We have been lucky enough to try some of the Jojoba Company range and we are therefore excited to be able to give one lucky reader the chance to win a bundle of gorgeous samples.

231475011_0_640x640 Jojoba Make Up Remover

The giveaway bundle will include the following samples:

  • The Jojoba Company Intense overnight renewal cream – RRP £34.99
  • The Jojoba Company 100% make up remover – RRP £19.99
  • The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream – RRP £22.99
  • The Jojoba Company 1005 Natural Australian Jojoba – £12.99

RD - Win a bundle of Jojoba Company products worth £90

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Pregnancy Myths from TV: Fact or Fiction?

We all know that TV shows may have taught us about different aspects of pregnancy and child birth and while some of the experiences shown on TV may be true to a certain extent there’s far more that are myths. In the piece below we have separated facts from fiction, so even though you may experience some of the things you’ve seen on television the chances are they certainly won’t be as dramatic!

a pregnant woman is holding her tummy

Crazy Cravings

You may experience cravings like Phoebe from Friends who craved meat during her pregnancy with triplets. But it’s not just food some pregnant mothers crave, chalk and dirt and odd ball things have also been reported. There’s lots of myths about determining the sex of an unborn baby by the cravings the mother has, but these are just myths. Approximately 1 in 3 expectant mothers have cravings, so you may or may not experience them.

Eating for Two

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy pregnancy and baby, but you certainly don’t have to eat for two. This is purely a myth and really shouldn’t be listened to.

Dramatic Waters Breaking

If you’re terrified that your waters will break in a dramatic way you’re not alone. Lots of mothers feel like this and while it can happen it isn’t the norm.

Rushing to Hospital as soon as Water Break

The mad dash across London carried out by Bridget Jones as soon as her water broke isn’t really necessary. Your water breaks once you’re in the active part of labour so you would have already been experiencing contractions and should be preparing to get to the hospital. Of course there are exceptions, so be prepared!

Doctor will Never Leave You

In reality your doctor won’t be with you the whole time, but the midwife will be close to hand and keeping an eye on you and your baby.

You’ll Scream at Your Partner

You won’t necessarily scream at your partner during childbirth. Yes, childbirth can be stressful and sometimes very painful, but you’re not obliged to scream and shout like you see on the television.

Your Partner will Faint

Again your partner fainting is highly unlikely but not unheard of, especially if the baby is exceptionally large.

Continuous Pushing

This is a myth. Yes, you will have to push and sometimes it may seem like hours, but the medical staff will intervene if the labour isn’t progressing as well as it should.

Laying Down is Best

This is definitely a myth. Laying down to give birth is for the doctors convenience, not yours.

You get a Feeling of Euphoria

Not necessarily, many mothers experience postnatal depression or the ‘baby blues’ 3 -5 days after giving birth.

Every pregnancy is unique and special to you. Don’t listen to the myths and ‘old wives tales’, listen to what the medical staff advise and your pregnancy and childbirth should be a rewarding and satisfying experience.