The Best Photo Shoots For You and Your Baby

In the days after birth, the elation you feel is unimaginable. It can make you feel superhuman and like you can take on the world because here, in your arms, is the little miracle you watched and waited for for months. There are so many different ways to commemorate a birth, but taking a portrait between mother and baby is an extra special way. Including your partner and extended family in these shoots are an excellent way to allow the entire family to bask in the love as well. Below are our top tips and ideas for photo opportunities.

Mother and Baby

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Best portraits for a newborn

A popular idea for portraits with a newborn for both mums and dads is going skin to skin. This symbolises the deep bond you have with each other, and looks great in monochrome. Another way is to photograph them sleeping in a Moses basket to show their importance in your life. You may be worried about working with newborns but there’s no need, plenty of shops out there are designed with baby in mind. Services such as Light Republic have consideration for your newborn’s schedule and habits, and offer advice on the best times to take portraits to create the best works of art for you and your baby. Having your baby all snuggled up and sleepy is a good way to remember the precious days of their early steps and simply looks cute.

Best portraits for an older baby

Older babies are up to more when it comes to photoshoots. They’ll often roll around and wiggle, and are less likely to be asleep and peaceful for the perfect shot. Use this to your advantage by having them in a creative setup such as a bed with plenty of opportunity for emerging shots, with your baby’s delight at finding you again clear on camera. Or go for a  laughing and giggling shot with you and some favourite toys around them. Some of the most aesthetically pleasing shots are the ones where a baby’s enjoyment is clear, so save a more sombre tone for a younger child. Including siblings at a later age can show how much they look alike as well.

Take a shot with a little humour

If you’re the kind of person who likes to approach all situations with a light heart, one of the best ways to take a photo with your baby is to give it a funny side. Using photo editing programmes, you can turn a normal picture of your baby into a masterpiece. It’s also a good break away from the traditional celebration, and is an excellent item for your child to laugh at when they’re older. Prove you’re a cooler parent then they give you credit for! You can have your baby flying around in planes or with umbrellas, or dress them up next to pets to show off just how much they share their lives together.

Don’t let those early days settle in your mind alone. Hanging up a portrait of your family with your baby included is the best way to look back fondly.

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