Essentials For Your Baby’s Nursery

If you are expecting a baby, then congratulations! What an exciting time? There is much to organise and to plan. From birth plan to strollers, there can be a lot of research into what you might need and have ready before the baby’s arrival. One of the things that is a must to have ready is the baby’s room. Although they aren’t likely to go in there to sleep right away, having a separate space to feed them, change them, and hang their clothing, can be really helpful. But what do you need to have in the baby’s room? Here are some essentials to give you some ideas.



Night Light

Whether it is a dimmer light switch or a plug-in night light, having the ability to dim the light is a great idea. It can be peace of mind for your child as they grow, as well as helpful when you need to see to change them but don’t want to wake them with the main bright light on.

Safety Gate

You’ll have some time before your baby is going to be walking. But having a safety gate ready to go can be a good idea. You never know when they are going to decide that they can crawl. It will keep them from escaping from their room, especially if that is located close to the stairs.

Moses Basket

This is likely to go with you in the first few weeks and months. But having somewhere, other than the main crib for them to sleep, is important during those first precious months. It helps to keep them cosy and snug. Plus, if you choose a Moses basket that you can rock gently, like one of these ones,, then it can be a life-saver during those sleep-deprived nights. Getting a main crib is a must, of course, but a Moses basket can be a nice addition too.



Drawer or Closet Organiser

There will be lots of small baby things to fold and put away. So having organisers to divide it all up with can be really handy. From socks, to soothers, hair bands, and bibs; it all needs to be kept in its own place, so you can just grab them when you need them. There are some really cute ideas here if you need some inspiration of what to do:

Changing Mat

Whether you need to get a permanent changing table is up to you and the space that you will have in the nursery. But what you will need is a changing mat that you can move around. Then whether you’re upstairs or downstairs, you have a comfortable place to change your baby. It can make nappy changes run much more smoothly if you have one.

Last but not least, getting an oil diffuser or scented spray for the room can be a really good idea. It can help when they are feeling unwell, as well as when the smell in there is a little less than desirable! Always check that it is suitable for baby’s room though!

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