The Things People Won’t Tell You About Pregnancy

If you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant for the first time, congratulations! However, there are unfortunately always things in pregnancy that aren’t just centred around the excitement and anticipation of your new arrival. These are the things that people don’t talk about when they discuss the wonders of pregnancy. So, read on now if you want to find out what you can expect to experience in the months ahead of you.

a pregnant woman is holding her tummy

You Might Get Cramps in Your Legs

Getting cramps in your legs is not much fun, but it’s something that happens a lot to women when they’re going through pregnancy. It’s not exactly clear what it is that’s causing those cramps in your legs. It could be down to problems with the blood vessels in your legs. Either way, you should prepare for it because it could be heading your way sometime soon.

Your Sense of Smell Will be Heightened

This is one of those weird things that most women experience during pregnancy. It can seem like a fun little quirk that’s associated with pregnancy, and in many ways it can be. However, it’s not always a great thing. Yes, you will pick up on nice smells, but you can also be overwhelmed by nasty smells that you might not have even noticed before. That heightened sense of smell is something to prepare for because it’s not always fun when it takes you by surprise.

Occasional Bouts of Thrush Are Common

Thrush is never pleasant, but it is one of the most common pregnancy-related problems out there. It’s not something that should worry you because regular bouts do happen. Some women experience this problem worse than others. Treating thrush is relatively straightforward, so be sure to stop it in its tracks. It’s not something that you have to suffer with, so see your doctor about it if it’s causing you real problems.

You Could Experience Excess Saliva

This is a little disgusting, but it’s worth being aware of. It’s one of those weird mysteries associated with pregnancy. There is no real explanation for this, but it’s something that many women experience and complain of. It won’t happen to everyone, so who knows if you’ll be lucky enough to experience it? You’ll have to wait and see. It’s not something that you will need to worry about too much, though.


Your Feet Might Get a Little Bigger

This is a strange one, but it does affect a lot of women. If you start to feel like your shoes are getting tighter, this could be what’s causing it. This is largely caused by the fact that your body is trying to retain more fluids than normal. It can lead to some swelling in your feet. The baby weight that you might have put on will also contribute to the problem. You might just have to buy some bigger shoes!

Pregnancy is a special time for any woman, but there are challenges waiting ahead of you, so it makes sense to be aware of them before they hit you unexpectedly and you can embrace them as part of the wonderful journey you are taking with your new baby. 

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