5 Things a Pregnant Mum doesn’t want for Christmas

Christmas is coming. Lovely dark evenings speckled with twinkling lights, infused with festive smells. Thanks to online shopping, ticking off the Christmas list is doable, despite swollen ankles and aching backs. Yet, for many mums-to-be, reality soon kicks in. Perhaps you’ll still be cooking the family their excessive Christmas feast, sitting propped on the floor to wrap ten-tonne of Imaginext, and dusting all-around those delightfully decked halls. Mums make Christmas, pregnant or not. With that in mind, here’s just five simple tips for Santa. We don’t want for a lot, and we certainly don’t want any of this. Not one bit.

5 Things a Pregnant Mum doesn't want for Christmas

1. Any alcohol Any alcohol. At all. Not a drop. Even if you’ve heard we’re under the impression that a single glass of red won’t do baby any harm, buying us a bottle isn’t the way to go. No prosecco. No gin. No beloved Baileys. Remember everyone loves a tipple at Christmas time, so please don’t torture us for months to come. And forego the non-alcoholic alternatives, too. Somehow, that’s worse. In the best interests of all involved, give the booze aisle a wide berth.

2. Domestic gadgets We might not be going crazy on a Friday night, but that doesn’t mean to say we’ve turned domestic goddess overnight. Sure, it can be hard to be creative at Christmas when you’re buying for a girl and her bump, but this isn’t the time to gift an ironing board cover or new-fangled steam mop. Definitely not. Mum to be has enough to contend with without being guilted into gutting the house out. That will come soon enough anyway. Just let the good old-fashioned nesting bug do its job.

3. Cheese Can we have it? Can we not? It’s often hit and miss with dairy. When it comes to cheese the rule of thumb is ‘no goo, no blue’. Soft cheeses are a definite no-go, as are stinky favourites such as Stilton. Chances are, if you’re considering wrapping up a luxury festive cheese board, half the contents will be strictly off limits for a pregnant mum’s tum. The same goes for pâté and any shellfish dinner starters.

4. Clothes Of course, with so many edible items out of the equation, well-meaning friends and family will often select clothing for expectant mums at Christmas. But with besties and relatives looking lovely in tight fitting dresses and skinny trousers, opening up a tent-like top is bound to leave the mood a little heavy. Similarly, going to skimpy can leave mum-to-be longing for her pre-pregnancy bod. With heightened festive emotions and pre-natal hormones, cosy chic is the look to go for. Wrap up plush robes, fluffy bed socks, and some warm winter knits.

5. Bath oils Bath time goodies are always a winner! Just be wary of any rogue essential oils when shopping for bath soaks. While lavender and ylang ylang tend to be considered safe after 12 weeks, there are some oils that should always be avoided during pregnancy. Unfortunately, quite a few often feature in Christmas smelly sets. Beware of cinnamon, clove, and clary sage, which can induce premature contractions ….. especially if baby isn’t any where due yet.

So if you are buying for a pregnant relative or friend this Christmas, sometimes it is just best to ask them what they would like to open on Christmas morning.

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