5 reasons why it is great to be pregnant in the cold weather

We’re into March. You’d be forgiven for thinking that spring would be well on the way. Yet, The Beast from the East has hit the UK causing minus temperatures and a whole manor of day-to-day disruptions.

When you’re all stuck inside, a few months gone, living off the remnants of your freezer, tinned goods, and half a loaf of bread, watching your milk seemingly evaporate into the snowy abyss, the cold weather situation can be quite stressful.

That said, while the snowstorm of 2018 has been likened to our coldest winter of 1963, generally speaking, cold weather in Britain is typically tame and mostly tolerable. Cold weather can, in fact, be as much of a blessing as a bind during pregnancy. Flipping the thermometer, is there really anything worse than carrying baby in sweltering summer heats with swollen ankles?

If you’re pregnant this winter, look beyond the hindrance of our recent snow days, and celebrate the little conveniences cold weather can bring. Here’s our five reasons why it’s great to be pregnant in the cold weather.

  1. Hibernation

While snow days can cause mayhem inside the home, during pregnancy they do encourage you to take much-needed time out, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Relax. Treat your pregnant self! Put your feet up, get a cup of cocoa, and indulge in a paperback.

  1. Relieve those swollen ankles

Sadly, many pregnant ladies do suffer with swollen ankles. While it isn’t possible to banish the symptom, due to your body’s insistence on retaining water, at least the cooler weather is soothing rather than irritating. Another perk? Unlike the summer months, winter fashion means your ankles needn’t be on show if you don’t want them to be.

Pregnant woman lying in bed sleeping

  1. It is always nap time

Thanks to daylight saving time, and winter daylight hours, it’s always naptime in winter. When you and your bump are exhausted, you can guarantee bedtime is never too far away.

  1. Body temp bliss

Increased blood flow, increased metabolism… ergo increased body heat. When pregnant, we are less likely to feel the cold. But, not only that, winter is all about layers. Feeling cold? Layer up. Feeling flushed? Take a layer off. Winter just works with pregnancy body temps. Plus, with all the winter wear, disguised by big knits and fur-lined coats, you’re less likely to have your bump touched by strangers. Win-win.

  1. Food, glorious food!

Which mum-to-be really wants to be tucking into a salad every day during pregnancy? No, give us hearty dishes. Casseroles, homemade pies, chilli, roasted vegetables, oven-baked potatoes, soup. And lots of post-Christmas treats, of course. Comfort food is the way to go.