Would you consider a football inspired baby name?

Baby names are always such an emotive topic and one of the UK’s most unpopular baby names could be about to make a comeback – thanks to England’s World Cup success. ‘Gareth’ was ranked 117 in the popularity charts in 1996 – the year England reached the semi-finals of the European Championships.

Young expectant mother with letter blocks spelling name on her pregnant belly

But following Gareth Southgate’s infamous penalty blunder which saw them miss out on a place in the final, it had plunged to 1,903 by 2016, with just a handful of tots given the name each year.

However, the England manager’s success so far has seen a sharp revival in interest in the name, with almost two thirds (65 per cent) of parents believing it will make a comeback thanks to the World Cup.

Fittingly, the Welsh name means ‘gentle’ and was first made popular by a legendary ‘brave and modest’ knight in King Arthur’s court. Gareth definitely seems to have a more relationship and gentle approach to his management so maybe this is true.

The study, by ChannelMum.com, found around one in 14 children currently have a football-inspired name – but 84 per cent of parents think more babies will now be given a moniker based on the Three Lions players.

More than one in 10 of the parents polled who are currently expecting even admitted they are now considering a footie name for their baby. How about you?

Picture showing pregnant woman with question marks on belly

Picture showing pregnant woman with question marks on belly