Maternity Myth Buster: things you CAN do during pregnancy

Life sure changes as soon as you see the blue line on the pregnancy test. You’re instantly concerned with a whole host of things you just can’t do anymore. Whether you planned for your pregnancy or it was an unexpected surprise, one thing is for sure, pregnancy is certainly life changing.

Yet, despite what Facebook, friends and old-school fact sheets might tell us, we don’t have to cut out all the best bits. Being pregnant is anything but a jail sentence. This is a time to enjoy and treasure with those closest to you. With a few tweaks to your weekly agenda, pregnancy is merely but a wonderful aspect of your existing way of living.

So. Ditch those dictating guidebooks. You don’t necessarily need to listen to your endearing great aunt (twice removed) who thinks she knows best. Let’s bust some maternity myths together. Here are five things you can do during pregnancy, that will definitely make life more liveable.

Myth Buster #1: You can exercise

Take things steady. So long as you don’t go from 0 to 100 as soon as you see the beautiful blue lines, you’ll be fine to exercise. Regular running, yoga, aerobics: it’s all good.

If you love to take part in fast-paced, or adrenaline-fuelled sports, speak with your doctor or midwife. Chances are, it won’t be something you’ll have to rule out entirely.

Several pregnant women exercising with ball in gym

Myth Buster #2: You can eat prawns

So raw shellfish is a no-no. We’re sure your midwife has told you that from Day Dot. Just think off all the harmful bacteria that can cause viruses and food poisoning and gawd knows what will happen. Shell fish. A definite no-no. Don’t question it.

But if you’re craving a prawn curry from your favourite Indian restaurant, you’re in luck, lady. So long as those prawns have met heat and have had a thorough cooking, they’re all yours. You gotta get your seafood kicks some place, right?

Myth Buster #3: You can eat chocolate

So your best friend told you that chocolate contains caffeine, and you should definitely give a swerve during pregnancy. Note from one mother to another: you need chocolate to survive pregnancy (and parenting), and it’s perfectly safe. Trust us.

You do need to eat the stuff in moderation, but research has shown chocolate can even reduce the chances of pregnant mothers suffering from preeclampsia. That’s right. Medically proven. Get the Galaxy in.

Myth Buster #4: You can have sex

We’re not sure whether this one was decided by the boys or the gals. If you’re tired and can’t cope, just go with it. Sex is off the cards. We’ve got your back.

But, if you want to have fun between the sheets you’re worried about any health issues that may arise… forget it. It’s perfectly safe to have sex while pregnant. Enjoy.

Myth Buster #5: You can sleep when you need to

In today’s day and age there seems to be a relentless pressure on women to keep going while their carrying their child.


Your body is (literally) making a human. That’s tiring business. And while it’s completely normal, it’s absolutely essential that you rest as and when you need to. The old, ‘I’m pregnant’ line? Use it. It’s yours. And rightly so.

Pregnant woman lying in bed sleeping