How to save costs when having a baby

I always remember a friend saying “I can’t afford a baby” and another friend replying by saying “if you wait till you can afford one, you will never have one“.

That conversation stuck with me over the years and it is true, when you think about the cost of a baby, it could put you off the idea. So we have been contemplating how to save costs when having a baby.

Obviously there are lots of ways that you can save, such as breastfeeding over formula (if you are able) saves on the weekly milk costs, reusable nappies over disposable can save a huge amount but what about the big items?

Classic children room in white color 3D rendering

Here is our list of things that you will need and will need to budget for


  • Cot (plus mattress, sheets and blankets)
  • Car seat
  • Pram/buggy/travel system
  • Wardrobe / Changing Station
  • Moses basket/ crib (plus mattress, sheets and blankets
  • Changing bag
  • Breast pump (The Department of Health recommends exclusive breastfeeding until a baby is six months old but we are not the breastfeeding police so a pump is always another option for mums who can’t, or don’t want to feed).
  • Steam steriliser

So when you get to a point in pregnancy when you don’t want to go to the shops anymore, you can sit happily online and let PiWop take the hassle out of haggling!

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