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Unfortunately I began to suffer with SPD during my pregnancy and by 30 weeks I was having physio once a week and regular Reiki treatments to try and manage the pain in my pelvis. I couldnt lie on my back and knew that I wouldnt be able to lie on a hospital bed and give birth in the same way I did with my first daughter (bright lights, pushing and even stirrups!) Having met Lee from Amazing Births previously at networking events, I booked for my partner and I to go on the hypnobirthing course with her. Lee sent me the book beforehand and the whole premise of hypnobirthing just made total sense to me and filled me with confidence. We did the 4 week course and by the end of it, my lovely other half was even more enthused than I was!
This is my very personal birth story and the inspiration for this site ….   At 38 weeks, when I woke at 2am with some discomfort in my lower back, I suspected that this was the start of our daughters arrival, I woke my partner and began the deep slow breathing in the way we had been taught in the classes. I sat on my birthing ball and breathed through the surprisingly strong initial surges. We were confident that it would be some time before we needed to call the midwives, however baby had other ideas and by 3am the surges were coming faster and stronger. My other half  had been busy downstairs (we had opted for a home hypnobirth) preparing the mood with candles and inflating the birthing pool and had tried to call my mom and the midwife but no one answered! Eventually mom called back and was quickly on her way over, incase my eldest daughter awoke whilst I was in labour. By 3.30am the rather large pool was no where near filled and I was forced to make my self comfortable on the sofa and continue to practice my techniques despite the deviation to the ‘plan’!   Abandoning the pool my partner was  trying to direct the midwives to our house as my waters broke. They advised him we needed to phone an ambulance to which I immediately said I didnt need one! I told my partner to tell them the baby was coming as an overwhelming feeling of her moving ‘down’ washed over me.   All the time this was happening, I maintained my completely relaxed state, concentrating on my breathing and listening to my hypnobirthing affimations on the CD as my partner continued to support me.
My mum is still in complete awe of how relaxed and in control we both were and instead of having any medical intervention and hospital staff telling me when I was dialated and needed to push, I could just feel baby moving downwards with  every deep breath and surge. I suddenly felt her head bearing down and two surges later, she was delivered into Andrew’s waiting arms. The midwives arrived 20 minutes after baby did!   The whole experience was completely natural, quiet, relaxed and totally amazing. Our little princess arrived within 2 hours of me waking up, without any drugs, midwife or medical intervention. There were times that I doubted my ability to completely relax but our amazing birth is a testament to the power of hypnobirthing. Even when the plan went a bit wrong we still didnt panic. It is a gift to any woman to be able to give birth on her terms and at her pace and this was a truly unique and unforgetable experience.
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  1. Hi we are Hypnobirthing with Lee, due in 3 weeks time, our first miracle baby – I was in tears for nights on end with fear before I found hypno birthing. Your story is an inspiration and I so hope I can manage now and enjoy the experience.

    • Hi Kate, good luck. Remember everything Lee has taught you and I am confident that you will feel totally empowered. Please come back and share your story x

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