Hospital Births


A birth conducted by a midwife in a setting where surgical (cesarean section) and/or anesthetic (epidural) capabilities are present..

Many soon to be mums prefer the idea of birthing in a hospital. Hypnobirthing mums have a mixed opinion on this. If the pregnancy has not been a straight forward one then the confidence provided by knowing that medical treatment is close by can help the labour run more smoothly and make the hypnobirthing techniques easier to practice.

There can be aprehension with hospital based hypnobirths due to the fact many hospital staff will push for medical intervention. It is upto your birthing partner to be firm with the doctors/midwives to ensure your natural hypnobirthing plan is respected.

Some advantages of a hospital birth:

  • Medical intervention is close at hand which can offer a feeling of security.
  • After the birth you can stay in hospital and recover, you may value this quiet time to bond with your baby.
  • There will be midwives close at hand for the duration of your stay to help with breastfeeding, bathing etc. This is particularly favourable for new first time┬ámums.

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