Advantages of having a water birth – Amy’s story

Hypnobirthing and water births often go hand in hand as there are many advantages to birthing in the water.

Advantages of having a Water Birth

Some of the advantages of water birthing are:

  • Relax during your last hours of pregnancy.
  • Gentle motion in warm water can assist in the rotation of and descent of the baby’s head.
  • Warm water is relaxing especially for the woman’s uterus and vagina. You are able to stretch and accomodate the baby more easily. Along with hypnobirthings lack of pushing there is less pain, reducing chance of episiotomy.
  • Evidence shows being in warm water can lower the mother’s blood pressure during labor, helping to keep the baby out of distress.
  • Water is very calming and peaceful, ideal for hypnobirthing.
  • The perineal skin becomes softer and suppler, again reducing the chance of an episiotomy.
Amy Green, who blogs over at The Smallest Of Things gave birth in the water in 2014 and shares her story with us ….
I always knew I wanted to have a water birth from when I found out I was pregnant. With it being my first I didn’t really know what to expect but I’ve always found water soothing and often used to jump in the shower if I was in any sort of pain. I suffered with terrible SPD from quite early on and again water helped soothe it. Towards the end of my pregnancy my SPD made it uncomfortable to sit, lay or stand in certain positions! I’m so glad I chose a water birth!
So on the 1st March 2014 at about 2am I got my first contraction but then not another until about 4am so I thought nothing of it. I was due to be induced on the 2nd so I had kind of come round to the idea of never having my water birth I so badly wanted. But contractions got regular throughout the day and about 1am on the 2nd I headed to the hospital. Labour progressed quite quickly and by about 5:30am the pool was being run as I was fully dilated.
Getting into that pool was the most calming thing I’ve ever experienced. I was so warm and cosy and I just felt so at ease! I actually got so relaxed that my contractions stopped and I needed help to get them started again.
Unfortunately I can’t tell you that it took the pain away completely but I was so comfortable if that’s possible !

Hospital Birth – 2nd Sept 13

This is a very personal post as it is about the arrival of my gorgeous nephew:

Here is Suzi’s story …..

Before my husband and I were trying for a baby the idea of giving birth filled me with fear, I even had to turn over when ‘one born every minute’ was on in case it put me off for life! When the miracle moment happened and we went for our 12 week scan and saw the little one in my belly, I knew it was time to face up to the inevitable.  Luckily my wonderful sister in law was on hand who had experienced an amazing birth the year previous, and introduced us to Hypnobirthing.

A little sceptical at first, I kept an open mind and started to read the Hypnobirthing book – two chapters in and I had already bought in; the theory that fear could counteract everything that the body and birthing muscles were trying to do, did make total sense.

We began to see Lee our Hynobirthing instructor at 28 weeks and she guided us through the relaxation and breathing techniques. She also filled us with the confidence and the knowledge to make sure we would have the best possible birth experience. With much practise behind us, we approached the final weeks of pregnancy and began to look forward to the day rather than fear it. We opted to have our baby at our local hospital where they had two water birth rooms, and so my birth plan was written – I would have a water birth, without pain relief, interventions and ‘instructions’ from the midwives, and use the Hypnobirthing techniques with the support from my husband to let my body do what nature intended. The only lingering question – would the hospital environment allow us this experience considering the stats for births without medical interventions in our modern day hospitals would suggest this was unlikely?

So, this is how the story goes… the evening before my due date, after consuming a spicy curry, my waters break (very cliché!), I have mild surges shortly after and the hospital call me in to be assessed. At 12am they are stronger and frequent so I start to listen to my music and use the breathing techniques, I am relaxed and in control, so much so that the midwife ensures me that ‘I would know it’ if I was in labour and suggests we may be going home shortly. She examines me and we are not going anywhere apart from the water birthing room! I birth and deliver my baby in the water as I had planned, I was not examined further or instructed, and we were left by the midwives to birth as I and my husband had intended. Although this was my first pregnancy, my body told me when I was entering the final stages and needed to ‘breath’ the baby down. I didn’t speak or open my eyes for nearly the entire time and the only voice I heard was my husband’s.

Our beautiful baby boy arrived 7 hours after getting to the hospital, and in such a calm atmosphere that the head midwife stayed past the end of her shift just to see him arrive! That is our story, that was our plan and this is what I believe is nature’s intent.

Welcome to the world Sidney Jack!

Sidney Jack