Water Births


A birth in which the mother spends the final stages of labor in a birthing pool, with delivery taking place either in or out of the water

Water births have been the preferred method of birth in many countries for 1000’s of years whether it be in purpose built pools or even in rivers and lakes!

Hypnobirthing and water go together extremely well. The techniques promoted in hypnobirthing centre around deep relaxation, comfort and self control. By being submerged in water, these feelings of comfort and relaxation are often amplified along with the simple fact that water is ‘load bearing’ helping many soon to be mums that have been feeling uncomfortably heavy change position easily.

Some of the advantages of water birthing are:

  • Relax during your last hours of pregnancy.
  • Gentle motion in warm water can assist in the rotation of and descent of the baby’s head.
  • Warm water is relaxing especially for the woman’s uterus and vagina. You are able to stretch and accomodate the baby more easily. Along with hypnobirthings lack of pushing there is less pain, reducing chance of episiotomy.
  • Evidence shows being in warm water can lower the mother’s blood pressure during labor, helping to keep the baby out of distress.
  • Water is very calming and peaceful, ideal for hypnobirthing.
  • The perineal skin becomes softer and suppler, again reducing the chance of an episiotomy.

Some concerns arise with the thought of baby drowning in a water birth. The water is in fact an easier and more natural birth for a baby. The passage from one watery world to another is often much more familiar for baby than being pushed, pulled or sucked out under bright lights and noise and then popped onto a cold scale! A baby’s instinct to breathe is only triggered by air touching the skin and particularly the umbelical chord so there should be no concerns of drowning – just a warm, relaxing comfortable hypnobirth for you!


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